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Platoon Rhah (Francesco Quinn)

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Rhah (Francesco Quinn)

Here's a question. Rhah: more man, or more myth?

Rhah is another minor character in the film, albeit one who sometimes seems more mythical than real. He's the first guy to greet Taylor in the Underworld, where he appears as the Vietnam drug-den equivalent of the guardian of the afterlife. He's surrounded by candles, an empty helmet (did it belong to a now deceased friend of theirs?), and is sitting a chair that is positively regal (it's like a throne).

Rhah's most significant action in the film is talking Barnes down from killing Taylor, which he seems willing and ready to do after Taylor attacks him in the Underworld. Rhah is the voice of the reason in that scene, even though elsewhere he's the voice of Barnes-is-invincible. He memorably tells Taylor that not only is it not Taylor's responsibility to fight Elias' battles for him, but that trying to kill Barnes is ridiculous: "Barnes been shot 7 times and he ain't dead, does that mean anything to you, huh? Barnes ain't meant to die. The only thing that can kill Barnes, is Barnes."

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