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Platoon Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • A black screen.
  • A quote appears: "Rejoice O young man in thy youth…." The screen tells us the quote is from Ecclesiastes 11:19.
  • We knew going in that this was a war film. Sounds like this quote is here to reiterate the fact that life is precious, and you should enjoy your youth while you have it.
  • The main theme of the film starts playing, and the scene opens on a very dusty airfield. We see a United States Air Force plane taxing as the film's stars are named.
  • The back of the plane opens. A group of young men exit. Chris Taylor is among them.
  • The scene shifts to a small cart with body bags on it. Two guys unload them.
  • The new guys are shocked.
  • A guy comes over and welcomes them to "the Nam," and orders them to follow him.
  • Another group of guys walk by. They're haggard and burned out, and they make some cracks to the new guys.
  • The last guy in the group looks pretty bad—dirty, emaciated, done with life. He and Chris keep looking at each other.

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