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Platoon Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • A helicopter lands as wounded soldiers are being escorted to the landing zone. One on a stretcher looks barely alive, another has a rag wrapped around his eyes.
  • Taylor watches the wounded get loaded on a helicopter. The wind generated by the blades blows the cover off a bunch of dead bodies.
  • The soldiers start gathering the bodies and loading them into another arriving helicopter.
  • Taylor sees Harold, and tells him he's up next. Another helicopter arrives as explosions start going off in the rear.
  • "Adagio for Strings" plays again as the soldiers scramble.
  • The guys get in the choppers, and take off. As they watch the scene below, they see a huge number of enemy soldiers emerge, chasing a guy: it's Elias.
  • Taylor notices, and tells Wolfe and the others. Barnes perks up. Uh oh. Looks like his victim is not so dead after all.
  • The camera shifts to the ground, and we're in front of Elias as he runs towards the camera. Enemy soldiers shoot at him from behind, and he collapses.
  • He gets up, and tries to keep moving. Meanwhile, the helicopters have started to circle back towards him, and since enemy soldiers are collapsing behind him, the helicopters must be shooting them.
  • Elias falls again, and he's on his knees. In a now iconic pose, he throws his hands up at the sky, before falling over dead.
  • The music has been building, and now reaches a peak.
  • Taylor is watching from the helicopter. He turns and sees Barnes, who has been watching as well, with a suspicious interest.
  • The two men glare at each other before Barnes sits back down and looks out the other window.
  • The helicopters arrive back at a makeshift base.

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