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Platoon Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • We're flying over the jungle. A message pops up on the screen to give us some direction: "September 1967—Bravo Company, 25th Infantry somewhere near the Cambodian borders."
  • The scene shifts and the camera is on the jungle floor, looking up at the sunlight filtering through the canopy.
  • A group of soldiers is making their way through the jungle. We can hear scattered radio communications.
  • Chris sees a snake, and warily dodges it. We also see Sgt. Elias, and what appears to be Sgt. Barnes' helmet.
  • The guys are hacking their way through very dense jungle. Soon they come across a decayed and long-dead Vietnamese soldier.
  • Taylor is having a hard time adapting to the heat of the jungle. The dead guy is the last straw, and he throws up.
  • Barnes has no patience for this. He gives Taylor a hard time and then calls for a doc and new guy to run point (the front of the line).
  • Taylor has ants all over his neck. Elias comes over to help him too. He tells Taylor he's carrying too much stuff.
  • He and the doctor help him to his feet, but he promptly falls back down, drenched in sweat.

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