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Platoon Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Daytime. A helicopter is leaving a camp.
  • A jeep approaches, and drops Taylor off. He has a bandage on his neck.
  • He bumps into King (Keith David), who is carrying a huge box of Budweiser beer. O'Neill approaches, and puts the guys on latrine duty. The guys are annoyed about it, and blame army politics for it (O'Neill has been buttering up the lieutenant).
  • King asks Taylor how he ended up in Vietnam. Taylor tells them he volunteered: he wasn't learning much in college, and he didn't think it was fair for poor kids to always have to suffer and for the rich kids to "get away" with it.
  • King and Crawford (Chris Pedersen), who is always on duty with them, can't believe it. The guys continue working, into the early evening.
  • Once the sun has set, King and Taylor go into a tent.

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