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Platoon Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Taylor and King are inside a large tent that is dug into the ground, or the side of a hill. It's dimly lit with lots of candles and Christmas lights. The guys are smoking and drinking.
  • The camera pans to Elias, who is eating a banana in a hammock with a huge grin on his face. He waves.
  • One of the guys hands Taylor a huge pipe that, presumably, contains marijuana. He takes a huge puff, and starts coughing. The guys laugh.
  • A group of guys sitting down pass a joint around, and banter.
  • Taylor starts to feel different, and he's clearly stoned. Elias approaches and asks him if this is first time (smoking pot).
  • Taylor tells him it is, and Elias smiles. He asks him if he feels good? Another affirmative.
  • Elias cocks a rifle, points it at Taylor, and tells him to put the barrel in his mouth.
  • Elias takes a drag of his joint, blows into the chamber of the rifle. Taylor inhales it from the other end.
  • He gets higher as a result.
  • The scene shifts and Bunny is looking out the window of more spacious tent. He makes some derisive comments about the other guys getting high to Junior.
  • Bunny comments on the music, as does Junior. The conversation then turns to marijuana as Bunny cracks open another beer.
  • Junior claims that "y'all," by which he means white people, are trying to get black people strung out on weed so they can keep him down.
  • Bunny listens, and then chimes in with his own comments about the effects of marijuana. The conversation then turns to rumors about the enemy putting chemicals in the grass in Vietnam to make the soldiers not want to fight.
  • Bunny and Junior talk about girls, and Junior joking tells Bunny the only way he'll get a girl if someone with a girlfriend dies and their girlfriend is willed to him.
  • Lieutenant Wolfe enters. Bunny greets him by showing him he can literally bite a chunk out of his empty beer can.
  • Wolfe greets the other guys, each of whom are doing their own thing.
  • Barnes, O'Neill and some other guys are playing a poker game. Wolfe visits for a few minutes, before continuing his rounds.
  • As he leaves, O'Neill remarks, "That is one sorry ass motherf***er."
  • Back in the other tent, Motown music is playing as the guys continue to smoke pot, dance, drink, and sing.
  • The camera turns upward as the scene fades out.

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