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Platoon Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • It's daylight in the jungle. Writing on the screen tells us it's New Year's Day, 1968, as does Taylor's voice.
  • He gives us an update about what's been happening over the last few months: lots of small skirmishes, lots of bombs dropped, followed by lots of walks through the jungle.
  • Taylor is on point (i.e. in the lead). He hears something, pauses, and turns back to look at Barnes.
  • Barnes pauses, comes closer, and then says "Bunker." Taylor asks him where.
  • The camera shifts to an angle inside the bunker, looking out. The guys cautiously approach and fan out, examining the area near the bunker.
  • Clothes are hanging, and fires are still smoking so the enemy has only recently departed.
  • Elias climbs in, and then drops down a few feet into a tunnel to investigate further. Soon, he's wading through water before ending up in a dimly let bedroom, complete with a bed, sheets, and… a dead body? Yep. Elias keeps going.
  • Meanwhile up above, the guys are poking around, on alert. Tensions are high.
  • Elias stumbles on a command room of some kind, sees an enemy soldier, and shoots him with his pistol.
  • Sal and another guy are checking out some documents they've found in one of the huts nearby.
  • The camera pans away for a few minutes to focus on the other guys when suddenly an explosion erupts: one of the guys looking at the maps emerges, and quickly falls over, dead.
  • Wolfe gets on the radio and calls for backup. Elias comes out, tells them to get out of there. There are booby-traps all over, and they need engineers.
  • Wolfe says they're on their way, but in the meantime they need to head out. NVA soldiers have been spotted nearby.
  • Barnes is sitting by himself, smoking. He's in a strange mood. Taylor is staring at him. Barnes stares back, and says nothing.
  • The troops get ready to move out, but can't find Manny (Corky Ford). Elias and a few goes go looking for him. All that can be heard are the sounds of the jungle.

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