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Pulp Fiction Shock Rating

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Shock Rating


Pulp Fiction has all the (R)ight stuff: brutal violence, sexual violence, drugs, nudity. Mature themes, indeed. There's the shooting of helpless young men and the accidental but very gory death of Marvin. If that's not enough, there's a shotgun blast to the genitals and a death by sword. How about a whole lotta serious drug use including one character snorting multiple lines of cocaine and another character buying and injecting heroin. One character mistakenly snorts heroin and must be given an adrenaline shot to bring her out of a coma.

Hey, it's Tarantino.

Then there's the rape scene. We see two characters bound and one character forcibly raped by another while a third watches and smiles. It almost makes us forget about the other steamy scene between a man and his wife in their motel room, but no nudity…so that must count for something. And, of course, in typical Tarantino fashion, we've got a whole ton of 'F' bombs—265 to be exact, just behind Reservoir Dogs on the all-time list.

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