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Pulp Fiction Fandoms

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There are plenty of fan sites featuring all the Pulp Fiction info you didn't even know you needed, and with even more crazy fan theories about what exactly is in that briefcase and why Vincent Vega is Jesus.

Pulp Fiction attained a kind of cult status upon its release and fans have been trying to figure it out ever since. Because so much of what happens in the film is ambiguous, it leaves room for lots of interpretation, and that's exactly the kind of stuff that cult films are made of.

The film has a Facebook page, talking action figures (even Jimmie), and a Reddit community. You wouldn't believe some of the theories that fans are deeply committed to and and the incredible detail they go into to support them.

But it's not just a cult classic for the cinephiles; it also got tons of ink from film critics. There are endless scholarly articles about the movie's representation of values, cinematography, thematic relevance, postmodernity…the list goes on. The point is that viewers, despite distributors initially being scared of the films violent nature, really got into Pulp Fiction on many levels. But, uh, some people got into it more than others. And while pulp fiction fans have their own conventions, Pulp Fiction fans don't. They'll have to settle for these.

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