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Pulp Fiction Jimmie (Quentin Tarantino)

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Jimmie (Quentin Tarantino)

Jules' friend Jimmie acts just like you would act if a buddy called you up asking for a favor and then brought over a blood-drenched, brain-splattered car with a dead guy in the back seat: he's not happy.

Jules tries all of his smooth talk but it's not getting him anywhere; Jimmie just isn't having it. You see, what Jimmie is really worried about isn't the dead guy in the car. What Jimmie is worried about is his wife Bonnie, who's due home soon and will divorce him if she walks in on all this gang related stuff going on.

It's actually kind of ironic that "The Bonnie Situation" is named for a character that we never even see except briefly in an imagined scenario of another character. Shouldn't it be called "The Marvin Situation?" He's the dead guy, right? Anyway, Jimmie loves Bonnie and doesn't want to get divorced even though it's all the rage these days, so he's agitated. He talks fast and swears and isn't the most hospitable host—again pretty understandable. We can't help but notice Jimmie's speech sounds a lot like an agitated Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs, which makes sense why the part was originally offered to Steve Buscemi. He was unavailable at the time…but what a Jimmie he would have made.

Jimmie gets a bit of comeuppance when he happily watches The Wolf make Vincent and Jules strip naked and hoses them down. He gets to pick out a few of his dorkier tee shirts for them to wear. U.C. Santa Barbara Banana Slugs?

It's a good look for Vincent, dontcha think?

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