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Pulp Fiction Lance and Jody (Eric Stoltz, Rosanna Arquette)

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Lance and Jody (Eric Stoltz, Rosanna Arquette)

Lance is the classic drug dealer. He gives Vincent the old "friend discount" routine and then does a little salesmanship on the high-end heroin until Vincent bites. We wouldn't be surprised if he slighted him on the grams after Vincent called his wife "the one with all the s*** in her face." Lance might know Vincent but he doesn't necessarily care about Vincent (e.g., he sells him heroin). So when Vincent's in big trouble and rushing an overdosing Mia to his house, Lance is not amused.

LANCE: She ain't my f***in' problem, you f***ed her up, you deal with it – are you talkin' to me on a cellular phone?


LANCE: I don't know you, who is this, don't come here, I'm hangin' up.

Once Vincent shows up with an unconscious Mia, Lance grabs a medical book and tries to figure out how one goes about plunging a needle into someone's heart. He only agrees to do it because Vincent threatens to tell Marsellus he refused to help his wife. He makes Vincent give the shot.

Lance's wife Jody is also not very happy. She's ditzy, self-involved, and obsessed with her piercings-per-square-inch ratio. They're both way more concerned with the fact a person might die in their house than with the person who's dying in their house. All the drama makes Lance mad at Vincent and Jody mad at Lance and Vincent mad at Jody and pretty soon everyone is yelling about something at the same time and Lance can't find the book and no one wants to give the shot and all is chaos. When the shot finally happens and Mia wakes up, Jody's response is, "that was f***ing trippy," which we guess is one way to put it.

Jody brags to Vincent about the fact that she has 18 piercing in various places on her body. Maybe the adrenaline needle was trippy because it was the ultimate piercing. (Source)

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