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Pulp Fiction Maynard, Zed, and the Gimp (Duane Whitaker, Peter Greene, Stephen Hibbert)

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Maynard, Zed, and the Gimp (Duane Whitaker, Peter Greene, Stephen Hibbert)

The morality of many of Pulp Fiction characters is simply a matter of perspective. Jules and Vincent and Butch are all sort of bad good-guys…or maybe good bad-guys?

But that's not the case for Maynard and Zed; these dudes are just plain sick and evil, hillbilly freaks straight out of Deliverance. When Maynard pulls his shotgun on Butch and stops him from killing Marsellus, we first think he's a righteous guy. Yes, maybe we wonder why he has a firearm within arm's reach at a pawn shop, but that's probably not unusual at all for a pawn shop in this particular neighborhood.

Maynard knocks out both men and ties them up in the basement with S&M-looking gags. In walks Maynard's security guard buddy Zed, who's obviously the more dominant one in whatever sort of twisted partnership he and Maynard have. He makes Maynard wake up the Gimp, a guy in full bondage gear that they keep on a leash in a box in their basement, to keep an eye on Butch while they rape Marsellus.

Maynard and Zed get what's coming to them. Maynard's the luckier of the two; he dies quickly. Marsellus castrates Zed with his own shotgun and promises to send some guys to "get all medieval" on him, something involving pliers and a blowtorch. We leave Zed screaming in terror, which he totally deserves.

And speaking of the Gimp, who is he? Why is he there? How long has he been a bondage slave? We may never know the answers but his character has caused a lot of speculation, which resulted in this interview with the Gimp himself.

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