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Pulp Fiction Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Butch wakes up from the scene like out of a dream. He's dressed in his boxing robe and gloves and is about ready to fight.
  • We hear about the fight on the radio as we see Butch jump out of a two story window and into a dumpster.
  • Then we're in a taxi, where the radio tells us that the man Butch fought is dead which means Butch killed him, won the fight, and is now on the run from Marsellus who was expecting him to throw it and probably just lost a ton of money.
  • He talks to the cab driver about what it feels like to kill a man. He says he didn't even know he was dead and now that he knows he doesn't feel the least bit bad.
  • He chats on the phone with a friend who collected some serious cash because the odds went in his opponent's favor once news of the fix got out. Butch bet on himself.
  • We see Vincent and the bartender enter a room with Mia and Marsellus and the dead boxer.
  • Marsellus says he'll scour the earth looking for Butch. No one takes advantage of Marsellus.
  • Butch and his woman, Fabienne, cuddle in the motel room they're hiding out in before taking off to Tennessee.
  • They talk about potbellies (which we hope is a euphemism for pregnancy otherwise it's a little weird) and practice asking for shoe store directions in Spanish before Butch passes out on the bed.

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