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Pulp Fiction Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Butch drives back to his place complaining aloud about how Fabienne forgot the watch.
  • He pulls to a stop and walks between a few houses and across an empty lot, approaching his building from a back route.
  • He makes his way up the stairs and into his empty apartment.
  • He grabs the watch and, feeling good about himself, pops a few Toaster Pastries in the toaster.
  • Then he notices a gun sitting on the counter and hears the toilet flush from behind the closed door of the bathroom.
  • Out comes Vincent who's very surprised to see Butch pointing his own gun at him. The Toaster Pastries pop up and the sound jolts Butch into opening a burst of fire into Vincent.
  • The smoke alarm goes off and Butch looks in the bathroom to see a very dead Vincent.

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