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Pulp Fiction Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Driving off, Butch congratulates himself on his success and sings along to the radio.
  • But when he pulls up to a stoplight he sees Marsellus, who's crossing the street with a coffee and some food.
  • After they stare each other down in a brief moment of disbelief, Butch steps on the gas and runs into Marsellus and then continues into the intersection where he crashes into another car. The scene cuts to black.
  • We see a bunch of people crowding around a dazed Marsellus, who struggles to his feet. But when he sees Butch, who's also injured and being helped out of his car with blood all over his face, he whips out his pistol and opens fire.
  • Marsellus chases Butch into a pawn shop.
  • Butch ambushes Marsellus and beats him to the ground. He takes his gun and is about to kill him but the store owner, Maynard, pulls out his own shotgun, forces Butch to drop the weapon and then knocks him out.

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