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Pulp Fiction Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Butch and Marsellus wake to a blast of water. They're somewhere that appears to be a basement and are both bound to chairs and have their mouths gagged shut with red balls and leather straps. It doesn't look good.
  • Maynard's security guard pal Zed comes over and they wake up the Gimp, a bondage slave, apparently, who they keep in a locked, wooden chest in a leather straightjacket.
  • Zed can't choose which one of them he wants to "do first" so he uses the old eeny-meeny-miney-moe and ends on Marsellus.
  • They chain up the Gimp to watch over Butch while they take Marsellus into the next room and rape him.
  • Butch, being the strong boxer man that he is, breaks his ties and knocks out the Gimp before heading up stairs.
  • But just as he's about to leave he turns around, listening to the men raping Marsellus and conflicted over whether to rescue him.
  • Finally he turns around and after a little searching finds the perfect weapon, a katana.
  • He enters the room and slices up Maynard when he turns around. Zed tries to go for his gun but Butch stops him.
  • Marsellus is up now and has a gun. He shoots Zed in the genitals and tells him what's going to happen during the rest of his short painful life. It involves gangsters taking him apart with pliers and a blowtorch.
  • He calls it even with Butch, so long as Butch never mentions what's happened and leaves LA and never comes back.
  • Butch leaves, taking Zed's chopper "Grace" (get it?) on the way out.

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