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Pulp Fiction Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Winston Wolf shows up in a tuxedo, having left a gambling party, and immediately gets to work. He's all business, just wants the facts.
  • Jimmie, Jules, and Vincent give him the lowdown on the situation and he tells Jimmie to grab all his linens and blankets and tells Jules and Vincent to clean the car.
  • Jimmie protests that these are his good linens, wedding gifts and all.
  • The Wolf peels off some big bills and assures Jimmie that Marsellus will cover the damage.
  • Vincent doesn't like being told what to do but The Wolf shuts him up real quick. The Wolf is in charge.
  • When the car looks passable, The Wolf has Jules and Vincent strip and then hoses them down.
  • They put on some of Jimmie's clothes and they look pretty ridiculous.
  • The Wolf leads them to Monster Joe's and the car's disposed of, Marvin and all.
  • The Wolf introduces them to his lady friend, Raquel and then speeds off.
  • Jules and Vincent decide to get some breakfast.

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