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Pulp Fiction Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • Jules and Vincent talk over breakfast; muffins for Jules and a bacon-pancake combo for Vincent.
  • Vincent asks Jules if he wants some bacon which starts a debate over dirty animals and what makes an animal dirty or not dirty. They discuss the "miracle" thing. Convinced his very life is owed to a divine intervention, he plans on completing this last job and simply walking the earth.
  • Vincent says that he's just going to be a bum but Jules thinks it's all a matter of perspective.
  • As soon as Vincent heads into the bathroom, Ringo and Yolanda pull out their guns and begin robbing the diner. They force all the customers and employees to the ground and start taking everyone's wallets.
  • When Ringo gets to Jules he takes his wallet and then tells him to open the briefcase.
  • Jules says no, the briefcase belongs to a friend and he can't give it up.
  • But when Ringo threatens to blow him away on the count of three, he opens it for him, revealing whatever shiny goodness is inside.
  • Taking advantage of Ringo's awe, Jules turns the tables and in two seconds has a gun under Ringo's chin.
  • They have clearly messed with the wrong guy.
  • Yolanda starts freaking and points her gun at Jules. Jules makes Ringo tell her to shut up and be cool. Then Vincent walks out and points his gun at Yolanda in a favorite Tarantino standoff move.
  • More yelling ensues but eventually Jules gets everyone to calm down.
  • Then he has Ringo pull out his wallet and take the $1500-ish from it and keep it.
  • He recites his biblical passage to Ringo and tells him that he's never really thought about what it means. He talks about its possible interpretations but concludes that he's been the tyranny but that he's trying to be the shepherd.
  • Ringo and Yolanda leave followed by Vincent and Jules who tuck their guns into their short-shorts before heading out.

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