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Pulp Fiction Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Vincent drives like a madman straight to Lance's (his heroin dealer) house. Or, should we say, into Lance's house, because he literally crashes into it.
  • Lance wants him to leave but when Vincent tells him it's Marsellus Wallace's wife who overdosed, he decides to bring her in. Wouldn't want Marsellus to hear that he let his wife die.
  • His wife grabs the adrenaline shot and then everyone has a shouting match as Lance looks for a little medical booklet because apparently he's never had to do this before.
  • Vincent takes the needle and, on the count of three, stabs Mia hard enough to pierce her breastplate and enter her heart.
  • It works.
  • Mia dramatically bolts upright. Everyone's relieved.
  • Vincent drives Mia home, both still in a kind of shock.
  • When they get out they make a deal never to mention this incident to Marsellus. Then Mia tells him a "Fox Force Five" joke which involves a tomato family and a ketchup/catch up pun. Totally worth the wait.

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