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Pulp Fiction Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • A young Butch is watching some cartoons when his mom walks in and tells him to listen to what some military uniformed stranger wants to tell him.
  • Turns out the stranger is Captain Koons, a man who was with Butch's father in a POW camp in Hanoi for five years, and then for another two after Butch's father died before he was released.
  • He shows Butch the face of a watch and tells him the story about how his great-grandfather bought it and handed it down to his grandfather when he went into the Marines and how he, before his death, gave the watch to a stranger who transported the watch to his son, Butch's father who, in the POW camp, hid the watch in his rectum before eventually dying of dysentery and giving the watch to Koons. Got that?
  • Young Butch takes the watch.

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