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Rain Man Genre

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Drama; Comedy; Family Movie

The film deals with some heavy stuff—parental death, autism, and financial problems, for example—so it's probably a drama first and foremost. There's a lot of sadness and angst going on here, starting with Charlie's inability to sell his Lamborghinis and moving right into the death of his father, which then comes with the discovery of Charlie's long-lost brother. Dramatic enough for you? We think so.

That said, there are some laughs to be had here, too. For example, one of the most-remembered lines from the film is "Kmart sucks," because Charlie and Ray have an amusing conversation about the quality of Kmart's underwear selection. The convo ends with that quote from Charlie, which Ray then repeats to humorous effect later.

Finally, it's also just a straightforward family story that delves into father-son dynamics/wounds and Charlie's discovery of and growing relationship with his brother.

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