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Rain Man Scene 54

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Scene 54

Scene 54

  • Ray and Charlie go to the psych evaluation.
  • The doctor asks Raymond how he spent his week.
  • He tells them. Dr. Bruner is there, too.
  • They talk about the kidnapping and discuss how Charlie's basically done a 180 in terms of his attitude about his brother.
  • They discuss what Raymond might want.
  • Charlie disagrees with the doctors regarding what Ray is capable of deciding for himself. Raymond says he wants to stay with Charlie, but he also says he wants to go to Wallbrook.
  • He clearly doesn't understand that those things are mutually exclusive, and he starts to get upset with the badgering.
  • So, the conclusion is that the doctors are right, and Raymond can't live on his own.
  • The doctors leave to discuss Raymond's care, and Charlie and Ray talk and say goodbye. They butt foreheads, and Charlie gives him a kiss. He says he likes having Ray for his big brother—it's super sweet.
  • Ray calls Charlie his main man.
  • Our hearts are melting… or breaking. It's hard to tell.

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