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Rear Window Day 3

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Day 3

Day 3

  • Jeff calls his policeman friend, Doyle, at the police station to report his suspicions about Thorwald.
  • Doyle is skeptical, but he agrees to stop by.
  • Stella begins to speculate about what Thorwald did to his wife. She comments that whatever is in the trunk will start to leak if Thorwald isn't quick about moving it. Stella is not one for euphemistic language.
  • Movers come to pick up the trunk, and Stella runs to get the name of the moving truck but isn't quick enough.
  • Thorwald places a long-distance call.
  • Doyle stops by to visit, and he doesn't take Jeff's observations seriously.
  • He agrees to casually look into it, mostly due to the fact that the wife in question was bedridden and unlikely to go off on a long trip.
  • The dog is still digging around in the roses. Thorwald shoos him away.
  • Doyle goes off, on his day off, to ask some questions for Jeff.
  • We fade back in to Jeff and Doyle in the apartment, discussing what Doyle has found out about the Thorwalds. He produces a letter he found that seems to indicate the safe arrival of Thorwald's wife in the country.
  • Doyle leaves Jeff to his peeping.
  • Jeff notices Miss Lonelyhearts off on what appears to be a terrible date.
  • He also notices Thorwald returning home, placing another long-distance call and rifling through one of his wife's purses, which seems to be filled with jewelry.
  • Lisa arrives, and they discuss the strange happenings of the day.
  • The handbag filled with jewelry has Lisa suspicious. She explains that a woman would never leave home on a long trip without her favorite jewelry.
  • Lisa has taken the weekend off and announces that she's staying over. She's brought everything she needs in one small overnight bag. That's to show Jeff how practical she is, still hoping to convince him she could fit in with his peripatetic lifestyle.
  • The hilarious thing is that what's in the little overnight bag is a lacy, sheer, very expensive negligee.
  • Jeff is still snarking on and demeaning her, but she refuses to give in to his terrible attitude.
  • Doyle walks in wearily, and Lisa appears with two snifters of brandy and a conspiracy theory. Doyle advises them to just leave the entire situation alone.
  • Lisa and Jeff watch Miss Lonelyhearts' evening dissolve into disaster.
  • They begin to question the ethics of their peeping. Lisa gets into her nightgown.
  • Suddenly, they hear a scream from outside. The neighbor's little dog has been found strangled to death in the garden.
  • The dog's tearful owner accuses the neighborhood of being heartless.
  • Miss Torso tearfully watches the commotion. The musician's party stops to see what's going on. For the first time, all of the neighbors are paying attention.
  • All except you-know-who, that is. As Jeff and Lisa watch the tragedy unfold, they notice that Thorwald is the only neighbor who hasn't looked out his window.
  • He sits in his darkened living room with only his glowing cigar visible.
  • The plot thickens.

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