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Rear Window Day 4

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Day 4

Day 4

  • Lisa, Stella, and Jeff stand at the window and summarize what they know.
  • Jeff notices some interesting changes to the garden where the dog had been digging: a flower that's not the same size as it was the day before.
  • He thinks of a way to move things along and writes a note to Thorwald: "What have you done to her?"
  • Lisa anonymously slides the note under Thorwald's door.
  • Thorwald picks up the note and goes out to find who left it; Lisa manages to run out before he sees her.
  • Stella notices Miss Lonelyhearts preparing to take a dangerously large amount of sleeping pills, but Lisa redirects their attention to Thorwald and his wife's handbag.
  • Stella and Lisa decide to go digging in the garden.
  • Jeff places a call to Thorwald, asking him to meet him at a local bar or else. This gets Thorwald out of the apartment, giving the women some time to explore.
  • Lisa suddenly decides to climb the fire escape to search the apartment.
  • Stella and Jeff, watching from the window, call the police when they see Miss Lonelyhearts getting ready to swallow the pills.
  • Suddenly, Thorwald returns to his apartment. Lisa is trapped while Jeff and Stella helplessly watch him attack her. Jeff quickly calls the police to report a man assaulting a woman next door, but it's not looking good for Lisa.
  • The police arrive (nick of time, etc.), and Lisa talks her way out, wiggling her finger with Mrs. Thorwald's wedding band at Jeff to indicate that she has the evidence.
  • Thorwald notices and looks up to see Jeff and Stella watching him.
  • The police take Lisa to jail, which is just fine with her.
  • Stella leaves to bail Lisa out of jail, while Jeff calls Doyle to update him on everything.
  • The phone rings, and Jeff initially thinks it's Doyle.
  • It's not. It's Thorwald.
  • Gulp.
  • Thorwald slowly climbs the stairs to Jeff's apartment.
  • Jeff sits defenseless in his chair, so he grabs the tools of his trade—his camera and a bunch of bulbs.
  • Thorwald looks weary and miserable. He wants to know what they want from him—money? Why are they doing this? We almost feel sorry for him. Almost.
  • Jeff uses his camera flashbulb as a weapon to disorient Thorwald as he menacingly approaches.
  • Lisa and Doyle are just downstairs, and Jeff shouts to them as Thorwald leaps across the room to grab him.
  • Thorwald tosses Jeff out the window, but the approaching cops break his fall.
  • The cavalry is here, and Thorwald confesses. The dog had found the severed head in the garden, so Thorwald moved it to a hatbox in the apartment. No one's interested in seeing it.

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