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Requiem for a Dream Shock Rating

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Shock Rating


This is the only time you see will see the phrase "double dildo" on Shmoop, aside from our summary of Jane Austen's Emma.

Oh, did we say "double dildo?" We meant "saying something slightly untoward about a well-meaning member of a slightly lower class at a respectable tea party." Potato, potahto, right?

Because of the aforementioned, er, implement, and the intensely humiliating scene where Marion performs a sex act with another woman in front of a large group of men, the film was given an NC-17 rating. Instead of making edits, Artisan Entertainment chose to release the film unrated. (Source)

In addition to what Common Sense Media call a "grotesque lesbian stage-sodomy act," one character is shot in the face, another has his arm amputated on screen, and yet another goes through an intense, extreme closeup electroshock procedure. This movie puts the "shock" in shock rating.

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