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Requiem for a Dream Director

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Darren Aronofsky

Pop quiz time:

Q: Darren Aronofsky is a name that's synonymous with

a) "uplifting"
b) "lighthearted"
c) "obsessive"

If you chose either a) or b), chances are 100% that you have not seen Requiem…or any other Aronofsky film, for that matter.

All of this dude's films are about obsession and addiction. The Fountain (2006) features Hugh Jackman driving himself crazy trying to find the secret to eternal life. Noah (2014) features Russell Crowe driving himself crazy trying to follow the orders of God. And Black Swan (2010) features Natalie Portman driving herself crazy trying to convince herself that Garden State was a good movie.

It's no surprise that Aronofsky was attracted to Hubert Selby, Jr.'s novel Requiem for a Dream, about a quartet of addicts in New York City. Aronofsky was born in Brooklyn in 1969 and earned an MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute. And the guy's got talent: Aronofsky was nominated for Best Director for Black Swan and an Independent Spirit Award for Requiem for a Dream. (Source)

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