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Requiem for a Dream Ada (Louise Lasser)

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Ada (Louise Lasser)

Curl Up and Dye

Ada is Sara's friend and the one who lends her the diet book. That means we can blame everything that happens to Sara on Ada, who starts her on the slippery slope to diet pill addiction.

Okay, Ada doesn't deserve that.

She tries to be sweet, dying Sara's hair, doing what she can to help her lose weight, and encouraging Sara's obsession to be on TV. All these things aren't what Sara needs, though. Sara needs real help, and Ada doesn't give it to her, either because she doesn't realize it or she doesn't know how.

At the end of the movie, Ada and another woman from the building visit Sara in the hospital. They're shocked to see her with her head shaved post-electroshock treatment. The two women hold each other on a bench and cry. They're upset at seeing their friend in such a terrible, vulnerable state, but they're also upset because they wonder what they could have done different.

Thanks for nothing, Ada.

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