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Men Are From Mars

Most of the men in this movie are pretty niceā€¦even if they're screwed up. Arnold, the Shrink (Sean Gullette) is not most men. He's screwed up and he's a jerk.

Like the doctor who prescribes diet pills for Sara without looking at her, we're not sure how Arnold has a medical license. He takes advantage of Marion, his patient, having sex with her in exchange for money.

Big Tim (Keith David) is pretty gross, too. He's the other man with whom Marion trades sex for money and drugs. He compares her to a literary figure when he first meets her, saying:

BIG TIM: Well, what do you know, Maid Marion. I'm Little John.

This is an ironic joke about his manhood, which he dangles in front of her face. One of the many reasons not to watch this movie while having dinner.

Not all men are terrible in this movie, though. Mr. Rabinowitz (Mark Margolis) buys Sara's TV from Harry, then sells it back to Sara. If you look closely, you can see that he does this often. He has a whole receipt book labeled "Sara Goldfarb T.V." He's honest, and keeps good records, too.

Mr. Rabinowitz is one of the few people who gives Sara solid life advice when he tells her to turn Harry in to the police. But Sara and common sense are like Rob and the rest of the Kardashians: the two do not mix.

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