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Requiem for a Dream Tyrone C. Love (Marlon Wayans)

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Tyrone C. Love (Marlon Wayans)

All You Need is Love

The women in this movie are complicated. The men? Not so much.

Both Harry and Tyrone are pretty simple boys living in men's bodies. Tyrone just wants to make his mama proud, which, as a drug dealer, he isn't doing. We sometimes see him thinking about his mother and then looking sad, which leads us to believe he thinks he would disappoint her if she were still around.

Tyrone bluntly states his life's philosophy to Alice, a woman in his bed.

TY: I don't wanna scare nobody. All I want out of life is a little of peace and happiness, that's all.

That's lovely. It should go on a Hallmark card.

The problem is that Tyrone decides to achieve "peace and happiness" by selling drugs in a get-rich-or-die-trying scheme. He isn't dead (yet) but he ends up jailed at the end. And jail is a place that peace and happiness stay far, far away from.

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