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Requiem for a Dream Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Marion's putting on a lot of makeup, and Harry doesn't want her to go wherever she's going. Maybe it's just an Avon party?
  • She's going to dinner with her therapist, so he won't tell her parents that she stopped therapy.
  • We don't think that's how therapy's supposed to work.
  • "Harry, I'm not going to sleep with him or anything," she says.
  • Okay, we believe you.
  • At dinner, she teases Arnold by telling him he has something on his face.
  • He leaves the table to clean up.
  • We're sorry we doubted her.
  • After dinner, Marion goes home, snorts cocaine, and works on her fashion designs.
  • Meanwhile, Ty and Harry are out selling their heroin.
  • They make a ton of money, fast. "Everybody is thirsty," Harry says. And we thought our lemonade stand would be successful.
  • A montage shows Harry, Marion, and Ty cutting drugs and raking in profits.
  • Harry and Marion rent a retail space with some of the cash.

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