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Requiem for a Dream Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Sara might not be able to sit still long enough to watch the new TV, whenever Harry delivers it.
  • The diet pills make her hyper, and she spends the entire day cleaning her apartment.
  • At night, she's a sweaty, twitchy mess, unable to focus on the TV.
  • Her jaw is sore, too, because she's been grinding her teeth. If her coffee grinder breaks, she can chew the beans.
  • Every day Sara is able to zip her little red dress higher and higher.
  • When Harry arrives for a visit, Sara is thrilled.
  • She offers him food, not that she has any left in the house.
  • She pours him coffee and brags about losing twenty-five pounds.
  • He tells her he has a new job. "I'm sort of a distributor," he says. That's one way to define drug dealer.
  • He apologizes to her for being a terrible son and lets her know that her new TV set will be delivered soon.
  • When the room gets quiet, Harry hears his mother grinding her teeth.
  • He realizes she's on diet pills. A drug dealer knows his pills.
  • Harry wants her to stop using uppers.
  • Sara tells him she won't go off the pills because she's almost thin enough to fit in the red dress.
  • Harry doesn't know why she wants to fit in the red dress, and she tells him that she's going to be on television.
  • Harry thinks someone's pulling her leg. Hey, at least it's a thinner leg they're pulling?
  • She tells him that she's lonely and old, and wanting to be on television gives her something to look forward to. She gets weepy.
  • If Harry were selling Kleenex instead of drugs, he'd be making bank right about now.

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