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Requiem for a Dream Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • In the morning, Ty still hasn't found new drugs.
  • Marion blames Harry for using the rest of their stash, even though it was all her idea the night before.
  • Ty has news now: "In a couple of days, there's gonna be some prime back on the street."
  • Prime rib? Amazon Prime?
  • The problem is, the good stuff is going to cost extra.
  • How are they going to make money? Sell Star Wars action figures on eBay?
  • No, Harry has a different idea. He wants Marion to get money from her perverted shrink, Arnold.
  • At dinner with Arnold, Marion asks for a favor.
  • He puts his hand over hers, and she imagines stabbing through his hand with a fork. Dang, they must have some sharp silverware at this restaurant.
  • It's just a fantasy, though. Marion asks for money, and the sleazy therapist wants to sleep with her in exchange for it, which is the opposite of a fantasy for everyone on the planet except him.
  • At their apartment, Harry watches the Home Shopping Network and tries not to imagine what Marion must be doing for money.
  • It's not selling diamond-studded Minnie Mouse earrings, that's for sure.
  • Humiliated, Marion leaves Arnold's apartment. Outside, she collapses on the sidewalk and vomits. Poor Marion.

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