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Requiem for a Dream Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Harry and Ty meet Angel, a drug dealer's drug dealer, at a grocery store.
  • A huge crowd has lined up for some fresh product, and we don't mean a new shipment of Cookie Dough Oreos.
  • Back at the apartment, Marion's desperate for a fix.
  • She drinks cough syrup and tears up the apartment in a fit.
  • At the grocery store, someone with an assault rifle opens fire.
  • Never trust anyone hopped up on Cookie Dough Oreos.
  • Harry and Ty try to brainstorm a new plan to get back on top of the drug trade.
  • But Marion doesn't want to wait.
  • She and Harry get into a huge fight full of F-bombs because Harry wasn't able to score any drugs.
  • If Marion wants drugs so bad, Marion can get them herself.
  • Harry gets the number of the guy who will only give drugs to women and gives it to her.

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