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Requiem for a Dream Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Sara puts on makeup and dances in front of the mirror, but she looks more like Bozo the Clown than Lucille Ball.
  • Later that night, everything is eerily quiet.
  • There's a weird noise blaring through the apartment. Anyone born before 2000 knows it's the sound a landline makes when it's left off the hook.
  • The lights in the apartment flicker like the trailer for a bad found-footage horror movie.
  • Sara wanders around the apartment like a ghost, but she runs to her bedroom and hides when the refrigerator jumps at her.
  • This is why you never buy off-brand appliances.
  • Sara, her gray roots showing through her red clown hair, emerges from her bedroom to watch TV.
  • She imagines herself on the TV, but her fantasy is always interrupted by the fridge inching closer and closer.
  • And closer.
  • And closer.
  • And growling at her.
  • Suddenly, the Sara from TV and Tappy from TV are in Sara's living room, flickering like the creepy well child from The Ring.
  • They make fun of Sara's dilapidated apartment and her old furniture.
  • Then, everyone on the TV is pointing and laughing at her alone in her armchair.
  • Stagehands tear open the wall of her apartment to set up lights all around her.
  • Reality TV has really gotten out of hand.
  • Tappy and glamor Sara in the red dress do a conga line around strung-out-on-diet-pills Sara in her threadbare armchair.
  • Everyone starts chanting, "Feed me, Sara" as the fridge gets closer.
  • Closer.
  • OMG RUN.
  • Sara flees the apartment, and her room is quiet, except for the beeping of the test pattern on the TV.
  • We see her wander the streets of New York, lost and confused.

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