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Requiem for a Dream Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • With his friend Ty, Harry wheels the TV out of his mother's apartment building.
  • A row of old women sunbathing, roasting in the sun like wieners in a gas station cooker, watch the boys with judgmental glares as they roll by. What, they never stole their mother's television and sold it for cash?
  • Harry sells the TV for a small bit of cash, with some more judgement thrown in: "Your mother needs you like a moose needs a hat rack."
  • He and Ty spend the money on heroin, get high, and listen to music.
  • Later, they go out for a junkie's favorite snack: a sno-cone.
  • While licking their flavored ice—not drug slang—they come up with an idea to buy more junk (i.e. heroin), cut it, and sell it for even more money.
  • A cop sits next to Harry, and he fantasizes about taking the cop's gun and playing keep-away with it.
  • We don't recommend it. Everyone knows a cop's favorite game is freeze tag.

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