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Requiem for a Dream Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • The doctor suggests that Sara go in for ECT, aka electroconvulsive therapy, because nothing else is getting results.
  • Even though she's clearly out of her mind, she signs a consent form, which makes it okay to do the procedure.
  • Meanwhile, in a holding cell, Harry screams in pain from his severely infected arm.
  • The men are lined up to do work duty. Ty is kicked by an officer simply because he's black.
  • When they get to Harry, he falls over as soon as they touch his rotten arm.
  • In New York, Sara is being wheeled into the ECT room, while "Maid Marion" attends "Little John's" party.
  • Now get ready for what might be the most intense sequence in any film ever.
  • In rapid succession, the following things happen, in extreme close-up:
  • Sara gets electroshock therapy.
  • Marion performs a degrading sex act in front of dozens of businessmen.
  • Harry has his arm sawed off.
  • And Ty is… churning soap? We actually have no idea what he's doing for his prison work duty. Being in jail stinks, but seriously dude, you got off easy on this one.

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