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Requiem for a Dream Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Sara's friend helps her dye her hair red.
  • When the color is rinsed, Sara isn't happy.
  • She wanted red-red hair, not the coppery orange she's ended up with, like she's eaten way too many carrots.
  • Speaking of carrots, they're one of the only foods allowed on her strict new diet.
  • She settles in for a breakfast of grapefruit, one hard-boiled egg, and coffee. Oh, yum.
  • Her stomach's grumbling before breakfast is even over.
  • Meanwhile, we see Marion snort cocaine and look at herself in the mirror.
  • She feels like she looks better the higher she gets. This is a different kind of diet plan, that's for sure.
  • Marion drags her lawn chair onto the sidewalk to get some sun and gossip with the old ladies.
  • Sara's ears perk up when one of the old biddies mentions diet pills.
  • But she is soon distracted when the mailman arrives with an envelope for her.
  • All the grandmas race as fast as they can (not very) to Sara's apartment to open the envelope.
  • Inside is an application that Sara excitedly fills out. But what's the game show? Who is she going to meet? Alex Trebek? Wayne Brady? The ghost of Richard Dawson?
  • Sara bustles to the mailbox and drops it in.

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