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Requiem for a Dream Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Harry smokes a joint and listens to music.
  • Suddenly, he stops.
  • A vision has appeared outside his window. Um, what was in whatever he just smoked?
  • The vision shows Marion standing at the end of a pier.
  • Harry runs toward her, but the vision is interrupted when the door of his apartment opens.
  • It's Ty with the drugs they've bought to resell.
  • Ty wants to sample the wares first.
  • Harry is afraid that if they get wasted, they'll consume all the product, and their get-rich-quick scheme will be over before it starts.
  • But agrees for just a taste anyway. Is this like when we go in for just a taste of Ben & Jerry's, and the next thing we know the whole carton is gone?

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