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Requiem for a Dream Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Sara watches her infomercial, where Tappy condemns sugar.
  • Doesn't he know his slogan is "Juice by you!"? Juice is full of sugar.
  • Like a Looney Tunes character on a deserted island, Sara looks around her apartment and imagines that every object looks like a delicious dish of food.
  • We're salivating just looking at the clock on her mantel.
  • Sara even imagines she has X-Ray vision and can see all the delicious contents of her fridge.
  • We're worried she'll eat the banana magnet right off the fridge door.
  • Sara turns off the TV and tries to go to bed.
  • Visions of sugared sweets dance in her head. She sees pies and cupcakes hovering over her.
  • Unable to get desserts off the brain, Sara calls her friend and asks for the number of the diet-pill doctor.
  • The doctor, without even making eye contact with her, writes a prescription for diet pills.
  • Ah, the American medical system at work.

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