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Reservoir Dogs Fandoms

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Whenever a successful director with a unique style of movie making appears on the scene, a cult following is sure to arise. There's all sort of random fandom-ness; you can go check out a lot of it in our "Best of the Web" section for plenty of image mash-ups and video parodies and stuff like that. Of course there's also the scholarly attention that Tarantino's style has attracted, with critics analyzing his vulgar language, excessive violence, camera angles, and all the other Tarantino-errific flourishes.

More than that, his films have a very dedicated fan base: a group of people totally obsessed with his work. These people are the reason the term "cult classic" exists and they're the reason that essentially all of Tarantino's films fall into that category.

We've got to highlight one amazing example of fandom taken to the next level, taking Tarantino material and remixing and repurposing it for a different kind of entertainment medium. We're talking about the Reservoir Dogs Band, a Dutch and Belgian group that tours Europe playing songs from every Tarantino flick, including the song Tarantino himself made famous, Little Green Bag. Each of the members takes on a pseudonym or two from the movies and they play clips from the film while on stage, just for maximum authenticity.

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