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Reservoir Dogs Lies and Deceit

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Lies and Deceit

JOE: All right, ramblers, let's get ramblin'. Wait a minute. Who didn't throw in?

MR. ORANGE: Mr. Pink.

JOE: Mr. Pink? Why not?

MR. ORANGE: He don't tip.

JOE: He don't tip? What do you mean you don't tip?

MR. ORANGE: He don't believe in it.

JOE: Shut up.

Coincidence or foreshadowing? We're going with the latter. It's all too convenient that Orange is the first one to rat out the non-tipper.

MR. WHITE: I'm taking you back to the rendezvous. Joe's going to get you a doctor. The doctor's going to fix you up, and you're going to be okay. Now say it! You're going to be okay. Say it! You're going to be okay! Say the goddamn words. You're going to be okay!

MR. ORANGE: Oh, god!

MR. WHITE: Say the goddamn f***ing words! Say it!

MR. ORANGE: I'm okay, Larry

MR. WHITE: Correct! Correct.

MR. ORANGE: I'm okay.

This has to be the kindest lie there is. White just wants to help calm him down. He even holds his hand and starts singing the words, "you're gonna be okay". Such a nice guy, White… minus the whole armed robbery part.

MR. ORANGE: I was panicking for a minute back there, but I got my senses back now. Situation is I'm shot in the belly. Without medical attention, I'm going to die.

MR. WHITE: I can't take you to a hospital.

MR. ORANGE: F*** jail, man! You don't have to take me in. Just drive me up to the front. Just drop me on the sidewalk. I'll take care of myself. I won't tell them anything, man. I won't tell them anything. I swear to f***ing god, man! Just look in my eyes, Larry. Look in my eyes. I won't tell them anything. You'll be safe, man.

Even after all White has done for him, Orange still doesn't care that he's the very reason White's definitely not safe, hospital trip or no. He just wants to save his own life. Do you think less of him for this lie?

WHITE: For all I know you're the f***ing rat!

PINK: All right! Now you're using your f***ing head!

White's trying to rule out some of the gang as possible rats. However, Pink's smart enough to know that they're just a bunch of strangers who don't know a thing about each other. Their only connection is that Joe hired them. In those circumstances, you have no reason to trust that anyone wouldn't lie through their teeth to save themselves. Later, when everyone's at each other's throats, Pink says they need some "solidarity." He knows that will be hard to find with this crowd, who have quickly become blaming and suspicious. Turns out that the best strategy is to assume everyone could be lying and just look out or yourself. After all, Pink gets out alive.

MR. BLONDE: That burn a little bit?

COP: Stop! Please. Stop. Just stop. Stop... Just talk to me. Please, don't. Please, don't-- don't burn me, please! Ow... Aah! I'm begging you. I, I don't know anything about any of you f***ing guys! I'm not going to say anything. Don't! Please don't! Don't! Stop!

MR. BLONDE: You all through? You all through?

COP: Please, look, I got a little kid at home, now please!

MR. BLONDE: You all done?

Throughout the whole movie we're always wondering: Who's lying? Who's telling the truth? Marvin was the one guy we actually believed. We didn't even consider that he actually knew something until he said so. It makes you wonder, does he really have a little kid at home?

MR. ORANGE: German shepherd starts barking. He's barking at me. I mean, it's obvious. He's barking at me. Every nerve-ending, all my senses, blood in my veins, everything I have is screaming, "Take off, man! Just bail, just get the f*** out of there!" Panic hits me like a bucket of water. First there's the shock of it—bam!—right in the face. I'm standing there drenched in panic. All these sheriffs looking at me, and they know, man. They can smell it. Sure as that f***ing dog can, they can smell it on me.

The coolest part about this scene is that even we, the viewers, who very well know the whole thing is a lie, start to believe it. It's so vivid that we actually see it all happening just like Joe and Eddie and White are picturing it in their minds. It really is all about the details.

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