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Reservoir Dogs Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Blonde's flashback is a little longer. Apparently he's pretty buddy-buddy with Joe and his son Eddie, who was the dude in the purple '80s jacket in the diner.
  • Blonde just finished a 4-year stint in the slammer. He's got a tough parole officer who won't let him out of the halfway house unless he gets a real job.
  • The others commiserate. They know this P.O.
  • Eddie and Blonde tussle like brothers and Joe talks to Blonde (whose name is actually Vic Vega) like a son.
  • Eddie promises to get Blonde a real fake job; he'll get a paycheck and won't even have to show up.
  • If the P.O. shows up to check, they'll say he was sent out of town on business. It's a sweet arrangement.
  • Blonde says he'd like to go back to doing jobs with Joe, but Joe's reluctant to use him.
  • Eddie convinces his father to use Blonde on the heist—he's been good luck in the past.
  • Joe agrees and Blonde's in.

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