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Reservoir Dogs Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Eddie's on the phone telling someone that the job was a disaster; it turned into a "bullet festival." He knows about the hostage cop and he's heading to the funeral home to find out what happened.
  • The action cuts back and forth between Eddie on the phone and the guys in the funeral home.
  • The cop's tied to a chair and denying he knows anything.
  • White and Pink are punching the cop when Eddie walks in and starts chewing them out.
  • He says that Joe is mad and that there was definitely no set-up (which Pink and White aren't buying).
  • He tells them Joe's coming down and he's furious that they turned the jewelry store into a "Wild West show." That's why the cops showed up. No set up.
  • White begs Eddie to get a doctor for Orange. Eddie says he'll do it after they clean up the situation.
  • The guys tell him that Brown took a bullet to the head. No one knows what happened to Blue.
  • Eddie doesn't see the point of beating up on the cop. If you beat anyone enough they'll admit to anything just to get you to stop.
  • Eddie asks what happened to the diamonds and Pink says he has them. At least something went right.
  • White and Blonde start arguing again about the bloodbath at the jewelry store. Blonde blames the civilians for setting off the alarm. He doesn't like alarms.
  • After lots of yelling, Eddie takes White and Pink to move cars, leaving Blonde with the cop.
  • Blond tells the cop he's going to torture him despite the fact that he probably doesn't know anything. Then he cuts off his ear to the sounds of that '70s station we've been hearing off and on.
  • If you had any doubts about whether Blonde was actually crazy or not, now you know.
  • Oh, wait a minute, Blonde needs to get something from his car.
  • Turns out it's a can of gasoline‚Ķ which he dumps all over the cop while doing a little jig to the music.
  • He flicks his lighter.
  • Just as he's about to light him on fire, Orange wakes up and puts a whole clip in him.
  • Blonde is dead.
  • Orange is actually a cop named Freddy. The now one-eared cop knew this; they were apparently introduced before.
  • Orange tells him that there are a bunch of cops stationed just a block away. They know about the safe house but are waiting for Joe to show up before they make a move.
  • Orange insists they stay put until Joe gets there. The whole point of the undercover operation was to nab Joe.
  • So they have to stay there bleeding until that happens. Harsh.

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