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Reservoir Dogs Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Now it's Mr. Orange's time to shine.
  • He meets Detective Holdaway, probably his chief officer, in a diner and tells him that he's in Joe's next job.
  • He was picked up by Eddie and taken to a bar with Joe and White.
  • He tells him what he knows so far and where they're going to meet.
  • He tells the officer that he and White talked about the Brewers; he's probably from Wisconsin, and Orange needs to go through the mug shots of everyone in Wisconsin with a history of armed robbery.
  • Long Beach Mike, a drug dealer-turned-informer, vouched for Orange with Joe.
  • His boss is impressed and tells him he needs to use the commode story.
  • Cut to another meeting with Holdaway on a rooftop somewhere.
  • Holdaway gives him the script for the commode story—all four pages of it.
  • He tells Orange he's going to have to be Marlon Brando to pull this off. He's gotta feel it, and know all the details.

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