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Reservoir Dogs Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • We get a little montage of Orange practicing this bathroom speech. It's about this one time that he was selling marijuana for a girl and went to meet some dude and had to pee. He walks into a bathroom, only to find it filled with sheriffs and a German Shepherd. He keeps it together, pees, and walks out.
  • It's a great story, and totally made up. He practices it enough to make it seem authentic.
  • He says it on some random rooftop, in his home, in some very graffiti-ed place, and finally at the bar with Joe and the gang.
  • Story within the story: While he's peeing, the sheriffs are telling their own story about a guy who almost got himself killed going for his car registration. He should have known to keep his hands on the dash when they asked him.
  • Orange is pretty convincing; he admits he panicked when he saw the sheriffs and the dog, who probably smelled the weed on him.
  • Joe says he handled the situation well. He's in... but maybe he shouldn't be so excited. Poor Orange.

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