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Reservoir Dogs Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • We're back in the present with Orange dying on the floor and the mutilated cop still tied to the chair.
  • Eddie and Pink and White come back in from moving the cars and Eddie sees Blonde shot dead on the floor.
  • Orange tells the truth about what Blonde was going to do to the cop. Eddie says, "this cop?" and shoots the cop. Multiple times. The cop dies.
  • Then Orange starts making things up. He says that Blonde was going to wait until the three of them got back, kill them, and take the diamonds.
  • Eddie isn't buying it. He says that Blonde's totally loyal to his father; he'd just finished doing four years for him. No way he'd betray him.
  • Suddenly Joe walks in. He says he knows who the rat is; it's Orange. Orange was the only one he wasn't 100% sure about. He may not have proof but he says you don't need proof when you have instinct.
  • White won't believe it. He says that Orange is a good kid and can't be the rat.
  • Joe doesn't care. He knows. When he pulls out his gun to shoot Orange, White pulls a gun on him, which makes Eddie pull a gun on White.
  • Pink thinks they all need to calm down and be professional. No one listens to him.
  • After a lot of shouting, Joe shoots Orange, White shoots Joe, Eddie shoots White, and White shoots Eddie.
  • Pink was hiding. He comes out of hiding, grabs the diamonds, and jets.
  • White's dying a slow death and crawls over to Orange, cradling his head, covered in blood. Orange holds him and moans that he's sorry; he tells White that he's a cop.
  • We get a close up of Orange and White. White is devastated. He points a gun at Orange's face and we hear the police burst into the room.
  • They order him to put the gun down. He doesn't.
  • We hear one shot followed by a series of other shots.
  • The credits roll.

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