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Reservoir Dogs Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • We get another flashback, this time to Mr. White. It has his name on the screen, so we're assuming that the movie's going to give us a chapter on each of the characters, White being the first.
  • He's talking to Joe (the guy who paid for breakfast) and Joe tells him about the job.
  • They discuss a female partner White had years ago. A tough cookie.
  • White worries that they won't be able to sell the diamonds; it's hard to move ice.
  • Joe assures him he's got a buyer waiting.
  • Joe tells White that the job will be done in daylight during business hours with a crowd of people, but he assures him the security is lax, and they'll be in and out in two minutes.
  • The cut is very, very juicy.

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