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Reservoir Dogs Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Back in the garage part of the funeral home with the dying and now-unconscious Orange, White and Pink begin to argue.
  • White wants to take Orange to a hospital, while Pink's upset that White told Orange his name and where he's from.
  • White says, what else could he do? The man was dying in his arms.
  • Pink knows Joe's going to be very unhappy with the botched heist—dead cops, dead civilians, and dead robbers.
  • Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Blonde shows up drinking a soda and acting all cool.
  • White reams him out for shooting up the place during the heist.
  • He acts like he never went crazy like White and Pink remember.
  • Blonde says that the dead civilians deserved what they got because they set off the alarm.
  • There are some insults and almost a fight but Pink breaks it up.
  • Blonde tells the others that Eddie wants them to stay put in the funeral home.
  • Blonde says he has something they might like out in his car. They hesitantly go to check it out.

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