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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Fandoms

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Return of the Jedi retains a small, but vocal fan following on the Internet, primarily on MySpace.

Juuust kidding.

The Star Wars fandom is huge. When we say there are more Star Wars fan sites on the web than there are trees on Endor, we're only slightly exaggerating.

The HTML is Strong With These

Sites like, Jedi News, and The Star Wars Underworld present one-stop shopping for would-be Jedi and Sith alike, featuring more news, interviews, opinion pieces, fan art, cosplay, and podcasts than you can shake a lightsaber at.

What's more, they're not just limited to Return of the Jedi and the other Star Wars films; they cover the television series, video games, books, and graphic novels that make up the Star Wars universe, too.

Of course, for the young Padawan who really wants to take a deep dive into all things Star Wars, there's only one place to be: Wookieepedia. This Star Wars wiki is exhaustive in its content—in a good way. If you ever wanted to know what the orbital period of Tatooine is or Jabba the Hutt's last name—no, it's not "The Hutt"—then this site's for you.

How to Train Your Jedi

Creating and maintaining a Star Wars fan site takes a ton of commitment, but you know what takes even more devotion? Jediism. That's right; some Star Wars fans are so faithful to the Jedi way that they've started their own religion.

"Jedi followers, ministers and leaders embrace Jediism as a real living, breathing religion and sincerely believe in its teachings," explains the Temple of the Jedi Order's website, which also features a nine-lesson Initiate Programme for becoming a Jedi Knight and 21 Maxims to which all Jedi Knights must adhere. Predictably, none of them include zapping dudes with Force Lightning just because you feel like it.

May the Fourth Be With You

If you can't squeeze formal Jedi training into your schedule between school and soccer practice, don't worry. You don't have to be an ordained Jedi Knight to celebrate Star Wars Day, which takes place every year on May 4th—as in "May the Force, er, Fourth be with you."

Every spring, Star Wars fans costume up, throw parties to rival the Rebel's victory bash on Endor, hold movie marathons, nosh on Star Wars-themed food, and indulge in some light Vadering. (It's like planking, but with Force Grips.)

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