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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Luke and Han continue searching the woods for Leia. They find the wrecked speeder bikes and Leia's helmet. Then Chewbacca starts wailing. He's spotted a dead animal on a spike.
  • Turns out it's a trap set by the Ewoks, and Chewbacca, Luke, C-3PO, and R2-D2 are promptly scooped up in a net.
  • It also turns out that the Ewoks think C-3PO is a god. They all start chanting and bowing.
  • Han tells C-3PO to use his knew status as a deity to get them out of this mess, but C-3PO says it wouldn't be proper. What a straight arrow.
  • The Ewoks take C-3PO and their new prisoners back to their camp, which looks like a giant system of tree houses, and set C-3PO up in a throne.
  • Their plan? Throw a lavish banquet in C-3PO's honor. The main course? Han.
  • Leia emerges from a nearby hut and tries to explain to the Ewoks that Dinner—er, we mean Han—and the rest of the gang, are her friends. It doesn't work.
  • Luke tells C-3PO to tell the Ewoks to let them go or else he, being a god, will use his magic.
  • The Ewoks don't buy it, so Luke uses The Force to levitate C-3PO's throne. Now we're talking! The Ewoks let everybody go.
  • Later that night, C-3PO holds court, telling all of the Ewoks their story. The Ewoks are enthralled, and an alliance is formed between Luke's crew and their furry new friends.
  • While everybody celebrates, Luke and Leia have a heart-to-heart. Luke tells her that he knows Darth Vader is on Endor, and, if he can feel Vader's presence, Vader can feel his. He's worried about putting everybody in danger just by being there.
  • Second—and here's the big one—Luke tells Leia that she's his sister. Leia says that deep down she already knew. Why didn't she speak up then?
  • Leia tells Luke he should run away. Luke says he can't. He knows there's still a good guy buried deep inside Darth Vader, and he has to try to coax him out.
  • Han wanders over to see what's up. At first, Leia says she just wants to be alone. This ticks Han off, and he gets jealous of Luke.
  • Then Leia asks him to hold her, and he does. It's all very dramatic. We guess they don't call the Star Wars saga a space opera for nothing.

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